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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Great excerpt by Scotty Smith from his book Reign of Grace (p288)   “WHERE ARE YOU IN YOUR STORY? Some of us are alive to neither our story nor God’s Story. With no story to give bearings or boundaries, life is simply a series of unrelated events, moments, people, and experiences. We are in constant need of redefining ourselves and finding new gods to “bless us” and to deliver us from “curses.” Some… Read More

When do you cross the line age-wise where it just makes sense not to want or know about a better life, but more appealing to only exist and wait for the grave? Is it 35, 50, or 70? I’ve had 27-year-olds who are fearful that they’ve missed the window of opportunity for a life well lived. If your dream was to play quarterback in the Super Bowl, that may be true, but… Read More