Scott Lowe

Monthly Archives: August 2018

When was the FIRST time that you realized that what you were feeling was fear? Strange question? It struck me this week that I can remember learning to tie my shoe for the first time (an older girl taught me when I about 3 years old).  I can remember the first college basketball game I attended (Memphis State and Keith Lee).  I remember my first concert (I am a little embarrassed to… Read More

I was reading, this morning, the story of Noah and the flood.  In v9 it said “Noah walked with God.” It got me thinking.  What would we be remembered for?  Probably a number of things or maybe a few things.  Possibly our accomplishments, our humor, or our character. BUT What if we where remembered that we “walked with God?” What is it to walk with God? What is it to walk with… Read More