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Monthly Archives: December 2019

A few years ago while sitting at a picnic table, at our local university,  with Zach Mercurio, a friend of mine and author of The Invisible Leader.  He asked me “Do you know your why?”  He said most people don’t know their “why”.  We are “how” and “what” people but struggle to know our “why.” Defining your “why” might be the most important thing you do in life. Many people I talk… Read More

By Scott Lowe The word calling or call has an elite quality about it. It can have an untouchable force to the word.  Calling can draw to mind ministry related ideas and concepts. Or to those people that have finally “found their mission in life.” We say things like “I’m doing this job but searching for my real calling in life.”  I believe the problem with this is that we tie calling… Read More