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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Have you ever been in that moment in the interview process, seeking a call from a church, where after hours of interview questions, the committee turns to you and says “do you have any questions for us?” ¬†Usually, by then, weary and tired, you begin to fumble for good questions. ¬†If you are about to interview for a pastoral position, this article by Jeff Robinson, is GOLD. Check it out! Article posted… Read More

I have spent 27 years in professional ministry. I have been everything from a youth director to church planter to Senior Pastor.  This past summer I resigned as Senior Pastor of a wonderful church and moved towards both coaching and real estate.  Big life change.  How did I get here?  It came down to 3 questions.  What am I good at?  What do people say I am good at?  And what are… Read More

Have you ever taken time to define your personal VALUES?  If not… No worries. Most of us don’t seem to have the time or even the know how to do this exercise.  VALUES, we might assume, are for big businesses, schools, hospitals, non-profits but not so much for us individuals.  I’ve been there. However, I have, in the last few years, worked on my values.  I defined my values as Purpose, Wholeness… Read More