Leading is very likely the most costly thing you will ever do. And the chances are very good that it will never bring you riches or fame or praise in exchange for your great sacrifices. But if you want to love God and others, and if you long to live your life now for the sake of eternity, then there is nothing better than being a leader.”                       -Dan B. Allender

Who are leaders?  A leader is anyone who has someone following them. If anyone looks to you for wisdom, counsel, or direction, then you are a leader.

My desire in coaching is entering the arena with you as you lead. There are so many pressures and decisions that inevitably derail our focus and deflate our passion.  I seek come alongside revive leaders through personal , spiritual and strategic Development.

The Goal of coaching is to come along side the leader (who has the best knowledge of his sphere of influence) and help bring to life these key areas.

  • PERSONAL.   Who am I?  What are my passions?  What are my desires?  What are my dreams?  How is my relationship with my spouse and children?
  • SPIRITUAL.  How is God working in my life?  How has He called me to serve?  Am I dried up spiritually?  Am I thriving spiritually?
  • STRATEGIC.  Crafting vision, mission and values. Do I know and live out my purpose effectively?  Am I living with mission drift?