Leading has demands.  Demands to perform and deliver. Demands that give us great joy when we succeed and deep frustrations in failure. Whether you are coaching a team, leading a youth group, pastoring a church, setting the course of a non-profit, maybe the team leader of a company, or the CEO, there are tremendous amounts of demands that shapes our spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  There are so many things that can derail us from joy.  And that stress takes a tremendous toll our colleagues, families, friends and ultimately ourselves.

Dan Allender said that “leading is very likely the most costly thing you will ever do.”   Most leaders have a strong drive and big heart yet it inevitably gets lost in the costliness of ministry and homelife.  My coaching is about assisting pastors thrive in their purpose, flourish in wholeness & succeed in making a difference/ impact.

My Vision as a Coach: I AM PASSIONATE about the good, true and beautiful in leaders, that inevitably gets lost in our idols of performance & the pressures of leadership, SO THAT those leaders will know joy and bring that same joy to those they lead.  The gospel of Jesus is my fuel.

My Mission as a Coach: Through coaching, counseling, mentoring, or consulting I will seek to help leaders and churches grow radically in their PURPOSE, WHOLENESS and IMPACT.

My Values as a Coach

Thrive in Purpose – God has created each person unique to live with purpose (our WHY.)   Our ultimate purpose is to glory God and to enjoy him forever.  It is to live with our eyes set upon God and his kingdom.  Our penultimate purpose  is to understand how God has created us as individuals.  When we know our “why” it becomes the engine to move us from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.   Paul knew his WHY before God and his WHY before those he ministered to throughout his ministry.  Paul’s ultimate WHY we find in 1 Corinthians 2:2 “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus and Him Crucified.”   His penultimate WHY was that he was created with a keen understanding of strategy, writing, theology, teaching, mentoring and counseling, which is seen all throughout his ministry.

I seek to help leaders answer: What are my passions?  What are my desires?  What are my dreams?   How has God made me to cultivate and live out my gifts and talents where I live, work and play?

Flourish in Wholeness –   To flourish in wholeness is to flourish in a way that the scriptures speak of peace or shalom.  Shalom or peace means to flourish in every dimension.  This is audacious but it is what the God of scriptures has in store for us when Jesus speaks of the new heavens and new earth.  He says that one day there will be no more sickness, sorrow, pain or death.   This seems unattainable but this is why Jesus called his disciples to pray “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Flourishing in wholeness is flourishing in every dimension and this side of heaven it is fraught with sin and brokenness.  So there is a struggle but the struggle is one of repentance and faith.

In coaching towards wholeness, I want to know the coachee personally.  Every pastor/ leader is in a different place in what it is to be growing more whole and developing.   Now, while we all struggle, in Christ, we are a beautiful work in progress.  My goal is to work with the coachee in the following areas to move towards flourishin in gospel wholesness and peace.

  • The Soul Room – This is the habit of several spiritual disciplines (scripture, prayer, meditation, and silence with God.).
  • Worship and Sabbath– It is crucial that the coachee is growing in worship and rest.
  • Unmasking Idols – As a coach it is my goal to help the coachee to address sin habits..
  • Marriage and Parenting – My goal as a coach is to know know the coachee and these relationships to help spur on this growth.
  • Community and fellowship – As a coach, I want to keep in mind and challenge the coachee in what it is to know and be known by others in community.
  • “Faithful presence” – It is so easy to be so busy serving everyone, that we do not have time for anyone.  It is crucial to craft our time and have healthy margins.  Example: do you have a plan to put down your phone?  Such as 1 hour a week.  1 day a month.  1 Week a year.

Succeeding to Make a Difference – Impact –  (Impact Difference) Winston Church Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal.  It is the courage that counts.” It takes gospel courage to lead any church no matter the size.  There are so many moving parts at any given moment. It has been said that “church planting (and I would and church renewal) is like building a 747 midflight.”  There are so many moving parts that we struggle to strategize well and keep our priorities in line.   IE: It is so easy to get caught up in a program and forget the kingdom purpose.  It is so easy to get caught up in the big kingdom purpose and not give attention to the details of a ministry.

My goal as a coach is to help the coachee know that they can lead in a way that they can continually grow in their leadership and effectiveness.   Each coachee finds themselves in different situations and circumstances that require unique and creative solutions for them to be effective leaders.

As a coach, I desire to help the coachee grow in how they 1. share their vision, 2. lead by example, 3. demonstrate integrity, 4. communicate effectively, 5. make hard decisions, 6. recognize and celebrate success, 7. empower others, and 8. grow in what it is to motivate and inspire others.   

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