Living Your Dreams


When do you cross the line age-wise where it just makes sense not to want or know about a better life, but more appealing to only exist and wait for the grave? Is it 35, 50, or 70? I’ve had 27-year-olds who are fearful that they’ve missed the window of opportunity for a life well lived. If your dream was to play quarterback in the Super Bowl, that may be true, but for most of us, living out our dreams is not 1 event.

Look for recurring themes in things that get your attention. Is it art, music, children, the elderly, cars, caring and nurturing, birds, reading, flying? Don’t think that your dream needs to be new and revolutionary. We all know someone like Susie who sells seashells by the seashore, but most lives of fulfillment may look ordinary to an observer. We find that even those who end up extremely wealthy are not necessarily doing something rare; rather the critical element is that they are doing something they truly enjoy.
Be confident you can live out your dreams. Don’t settle for less!
48 Days to the Work You Love  Dan Miller

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