Walking with God


I was reading, this morning, the story of Noah and the flood.  In v9 it said “Noah walked with God.” It got me thinking.  What would we be remembered for?  Probably a number of things or maybe a few things.  Possibly our accomplishments, our humor, or our character.

BUT What if we where remembered that we “walked with God?”

What is it to walk with God?

What is it to walk with the immortal, invisible God only wise?  What is it to walk with the God, as the Westminster Catechism defines, “infinite, eternal, unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth.”

What is it to walk with God?

I STRUGGLE to walk with GOD. I am a pastor and struggle.  Now, here is what I have found.  This struggle is not isolated to only me but it’s common to all Christians.  It is a challenge to be with our Maker and our King.  We are impatient.  We are always on the go.  It’s hard to carve out a time, place and where to start in God’s word.

This past week, in my staff meeting, one the staff shared about her struggle and said “I struggle to listen to God because I don’t wait long enough to hear from him.”  I appreciated their honesty.

Over the last year, while I struggle, I have found a great deal of joy in what it is to walk with God. It has come as I have considered more deeply the wonders of the cross of Christ.  Knowing his intimacy through the incarnation and living in our broken world, knowing our plight, knowing our impatience, knowing our struggles and going to the cross to bring hope through His life, death and resurrection is amazing grace.  Our walk with God starts with growing in a deeper knowledge of Jesus’ immeasurable goodness to us through his sacrifice.  He lived a perfect life to soften and to bring to life our cold hearts.  Simply, It is God’s goodness that propels our faith and repentance.  It is God’s goodness that empowers our walk.

So, how do we walk with God in His goodness and Grace?  It has to be through the GIFTS of GOD.  1. The Gift of the Gospel. The Scriptures from start to finish is about the pursuing grace of God for sinners.  The Old Testament longed for the Messiah. The New Testament witnessed and shared Christ.   The Gift of the Gospel is God’s word. Lately, my devotional time has been reading single passages for weeks at a time.  It has for me been like looking at a diamond to see the light shine in different ways.   2. the Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirt is our power.  He is our counselor and Guide.  He points us to Christ!  He intercedes for us in prayer.   3. the Gift of Community.  The community of saints is a gift as humble beggars showing other beggars where to find bread.

May we walk with God in the hope of the gospel, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in community.

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