Freed for Purpose: Defining Your “Why”

Defining Your WHY.png

A few years ago while sitting at a picnic table, at our local university,  with Zach Mercurio, a friend of mine and author of The Invisible Leader.  He asked me “Do you know your why?”  He said most people don’t know their “why”.  We are “how” and “what” people but struggle to know our “why.”

Defining your “why” might be the most important thing you do in life. Many people I talk to have never defined their “why”. Or at least not well. I have been a pastor for years. You would think I would have had this down. I did on a high level. It was about God. But what about on a personal level. What makes me tick?  What gets my attention?  Why do certain things call out to me and other things don’t?  What gets me out of bed and motivates me to pour out my life into any particulate day?

Now, I said with a little embarrassment, I don’t think I know my why.  Zach went to to say that less than 7% of the world have defined and know their “why”.  That was both encouraging and empowering. It was encouraging to know I was not alone and empowering to begin to move towards knowing myself better.  To know and define what makes me tick is something that can change and better focus my life.

Knowing who we are can give us courage to move towards what we are passionate about.  It frees us from being defined by others opinions or out own negative self-talk.  Knowing our why empowers us to live more full and to try new things.

This conversation with Zach started my journey of where I am today.  This conversation helped me begin to define my why/ purpose statement that I have developed…

which says…

“I am passionate to help others see the good, true, and beautiful in themselves, so that they know joy and can bring that joy to others.”

This is my passion.   This is my WHY!  Here is the beauty… I can live this out no matter my professional vocation. I can do this as a pastor, coach, real estate agent, or anything!

You see, many times we are relegated to so many other things other than the passions that we have to offer the world.

What if you defined your WHY? Being Freed to Lead in life and in work starts with defining your why!

Digging Deeper:
  1. Watch comedian Michael Jr.. Click here.  How did this give you a better understanding of the why?
  2. Write a purpose statement with 2 componets. “I am passionate about _______ so that __________.    This is a first of many drafts.
  3. Read The Invisible Leader by Zach Mercurio. What stories impacted you?  Why?  How can you live with more purpose?
  4. Watch Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound  

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