My Resignation Letter

I made the biggest life pivot, to date, about 1 year ago. It was not easy but God has been gracious through this pivot. I am thankful for years of pastoral service and growing in leadership skills beyond my wildest dreams. When I was in seminary my goal was to come along side churches and leaders to help flesh out vision and mission. I found myself at the center of leading vision and mission. It was amazing. However, over the course of the last few years, I found the desire again to come along side and help develop other leaders. This past year has been that journey. I am now a real estate agent, pastoral coach and presently working with a wonderful church plant in Kansas! Incredible blessing!

A year ago, I wrote these difficult words, to my dear congregation, that I had the privilege to lead and serve for 15 years.

Resignation Letter
June 5, 2019

Dear Grace Church,
I am writing this letter to submit my resignation and begin my plan of succession. This has not been an easy process rather a process of much prayer and many honest conversations. I have been with Grace Church since it began in 2004. I first served as assistant pastor and co-planter. And then in 2008, I was called to be the interim pastor and then shortly after the senior pastor. I cannot believe it has been 15 years. It has been an amazing time of growth for me and for this church community. 
Over these 15 years, we have joined together to create a wonderful gospel-centered community. During this time we have experienced the challenging and the good. We have seen leaders and ministries developed, a facility purchased and improved, and wonderful additions to our staff and ministry leadership. And I’ve had the privilege of having a front row seat to it all! God has been so good! I can’t tell you how much I’ve counted it a blessing to be a part of this gospel community, in this city, in this particular time in the history of this young church. 
Over these years of ministry, God has given me opportunities of service in my leadership role here at Grace, and these years have been some of the most formidable for me as a leader. I have learned through failures and successes what it is to lead. God used me in a very crucial time in this church to help spark and develop and inspire this community around the beauty and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There’s no greater honor than to be in that kind of role. And it has only been possible through God’s grace and your kindness to me.  
So why my resignation? About 5 years ago God started shaking the tree limbs of my heart. And what I have learned is that I am most gifted in the area of coming alongside leaders, churches, and others in the midst of development and other vulnerable times. When Grace Church was in a vulnerable time, 12 year ago, God was teaching and growing me in my gifts to bring stability. This has grown my love for this kind of support and work. This also taught me about leadership. I would have never known what it is to lead leaders without being at the center of that leadership. God has used my time at Grace in tremendous ways. And frankly, it has been both humbling and exciting. There is, for sure, a lot of fear changing roles, but I feel that God has been leading me to this point. So, I really don’t believe that my resignation is so much stepping down as it is being launched into a new way of serving God and His kingdom.
Stepping back from the senior pastor role allows me to begin to seek a new kind of role in God’s kingdom. I really believe this will be a process. This process could possibly take me out of full-time professional ministry and into the marketplace. My longing is to be used for the church.  These kinds of life pivots can take a few dips and turns. Through prayer, and the support of my family, I am ready for that challenge. And I covet your prayers for myself and my family.  
We together have accomplished so much. And there is so much more to do. This church is in such a strong position (being debt-free, having wonderful staff, leadership, and ministries). I look forward to the next stages of Grace Church. I look forward to the next leader that God brings along. Now, while I don’t know the next chapter of Grace’s leadership, my desire would be for this church to not look far! I am praying for the next steps for Grace!  
My plan is to help properly lead us through this transition. My last day as senior pastor will be August 31, 2019. 
This church is such a blessing to our family. Our longing is to continue to stay in the Fort Collins’ community. We long for this to be our church. So, we ask for your prayers for God’s wisdom and that he would direct our paths!  
I ask that this congregation would accept my resignation.  
In Christ,

Scott Lowe

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