Resourcing our Lives to Thrive


by Scott Lowe

Personal thriving and leading with passion comes when we resource our lives with vision, passion, words and schedule:

  1. Vision – This is writing down what we are after for a better future.  Consider vision statements for our spiritual life, spouse, children, work, finances and leisure.
  2. Passion – How do you recharge your passion?  Bill Hybils described passion as protein. You have to refuel your passion.  He says that he refuels his passion by serving the needy.  It reminds him of broken things that drives him to see made glorious. How do you refuel your passion.
  3. Words – What words do you fill your head with?  I have read that some of the most thriving leaders are careful with what they digest.  Shows, books, podcasts don’t always encourage our hearts.  The News, unchecked, will not always lead us into the good, the true and the beautiful.  My wife always challenges me to keep the broken things in front.  Not to forget.  But this is different than feasting on sensationalism.  What words do you fill your head with?
  4. Schedule – What does your week look like?  Do you just go through the motion?  My personal coach made the point that we have 168 hrs in a week.  (Sleep = 56 if you get 8hrs a night)  (Work = 45) That leaves roughly 67 hrs.  What are you going to do with that time?  How will you serve, recharge, play and build relationships with that time?

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