What’s the way out of burnout?


Burnout comes when we are unable to share the load.  Sharing the load is not just physical or emotional but also spiritual.  We share the load as we can vulnerably open our lives up to a few trusted friends love you enough to challenge, pray and encourage you. As ministers, we struggle to do this but this is vital to life and our congregation!

I would be dead in the water if I did not have a few guys that are willing to take runs or cycling rides with me and give me the freedom to share my joys, sorrows, triumphs and failures.  And better is when they hold me accountable to share.  The way out of burnout is to let out our spiritual struggles to a trusted friend!

  • Who can you seek out to be one to hold you accountable to share your spiritual burdens?
  • Who can you seek out to serve holding others accountable in sharing and growing spiritually in the gospel?


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